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Bottom Roller Replacement

Hinge Replacement

If you are replacing a roller:
These instructions only apply if you are replacing the rollers between the bottom fixture and the top fixture of your garage door. 

These rollers are found along the side of the door except the very bottom and the very top.


For instructions on replacing the roller secured by the top fixture view our tutorial titled Top Roller Replacement. For instructions on replacing the roller secured by the bottom fixture view our tutorial titled Middle Roller and Hinge Replacement

Caution: Do not use these instructions to replace the roller that is secured by the bottom bracket.

 Do not remove a second hinge from your garage door before you secure the first one.


If you are replacing just your roller, insert the new roller into the old hinge. If you are replacing just a hinge, insert the old roller in the new hinge. If you are replacing both the hinge and roller, insert the new roller in the new hinge. The two ends of the hinge have holes for the lag screws. The end with a slot in the hinge must be on top, while the end with just a hole must be on the bottom.

1. Pull the bottom section of the garage door toward the inside of the garage and remove the old roller. If the track still contains the roller, bend the track, as shown in step four.

This will allow you to remove the roller from the track. It will be easier to replace the roller if you raise the door a few feet off the ground.

2. Examine the two guide holes for the roller. If they are not perpendicular to the surface of the rest of the bottom bracket, they are bent. Straighten the guide holes using the stem of the roller.

3. Insert the new roller in the bottom bracket. You will need to pull the bottom section toward the inside of the garage again to do this.

4. Bend the track below the roller, as shown if you have not done so already.

5. Lower the garage door to the point where the roller is next to the bent portion of the track.

6. Insert the roller in the track.

7. Straighten the track with a hammer. Caution: Do not hit the track where there is a roller. Doing so may damage the roller.

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