Commercial Garage Doors vs. Residential Garage Doors

All garage doors generally function similarly and have the same purpose — allowing vehicles, people and other equipment to move in and out of a garage or other large space.

But there are a few notable distinctions between commercial and residential garage doors.

The main difference lies in the name — residential garage doors are for homes, and commercial garage doors are for business or industrial purposes.

Why do we need to have these specific types of garage doors, and what are the commercial and residential garage door differences? Read on to find out more about these types of garage doors, and discover which is better for you. 


One of the first differences you may notice between residential and commercial garage doors is their size.

Generally, commercial garage doors are much bigger, to accommodate larger vehicles, but that depends on their intended use.

Garage doors that need to fit large semitrucks or commercial machinery will need to be much larger than your typical residential garage door. 

The standard height is seven feet for residential garage doors, and most are between eight and nine feet wide.

Larger and customized sizes are available for homeowners with RVs or other unique situations, but these are usually custom-made residential garage doors.

Commercial doors could suit a larger application on a residential property, such as for an RV. However, before installing a larger door like this on your property, check in with your homeowners’ association — if applicable — to find out if there are any restrictions to garage door size for your area. 

Another size-related difference between these two types of doors is their weight. While all garage doors are relatively heavy, most residential garage doors weigh around 200 pounds, and commercial doors are much heavier.

Garage doors made for commercial use generally consist of sturdier, weightier materials, with a finished commercial garage door often weighing 1,000 pounds or more. 

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