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Category: Garage door services coast

Garage door services coast

Garage Door Replacement Cost

Garage door replacement costs $600 to $2,750. Full replacements run the same as the average new installation. You might save some money if you use your old opener or rails. The following chart breaks down the individual prices of each item.

Garage Door Replacement Estimates

Fees and Supplies$50 – $150

Lock$100 – $350

Labor$200 – $500

Opener (optional)$200 – $500

Door & Tracks$350 – $1,500

Garage Door Replacement Cost Considerations

Whatever your budget, add 20% for overages and other cost considerations when either installing a new door or replacing the one you already have. Some common additions you’ll want to think about include:

  • Location: cost varies. If it costs more to live there, it’ll probably cost more for the door.
  • Removing and disposing: $25-$100. Often included in your quote.
  • Resizing the opening: $500-$5,000. Costs depend on structural needs. Simply adding height means removing, bracing and replacing structural elements that hold up the roof.
  • Hardware replacement: $50-$350. Hardware includes springs, hinges and bolts. Most hardware comes included in the estimate.
  • Materials: You’ll choose a new door from a wide variety of materials, styles, shapes and sizes, which varies widely in price.

Garage Door Replacement or Repair Cost Comparison

Garage door repairs run anywhere from $100 to $600 or more. Even at its worst, it’s 50% less to repair than replace. Actual costs depend on what you’re fixing.

Manual vs. Automatic Garage Door Cost

You’ll spend $600 to $2,150 on a manual door while making it automatic adds $200 to $1,300 to the project. An automatic garage opener marks the main difference. Installing one has a variety of cost factors, discussed in the next section.

Garage Door Opener

Automatic garage door opener installation costs $225 to $525.You can get these put on both new and existing installs. They’re programmable to most common remotes and typically have a keypad as well. Extra remotes cost anywhere from $20 to $60.

New installations might also need a new circuit or at least a new receptacle installed. A new circuit might run $500 to $800while an electrical outlet installation costs $100 to $185. You’ll need one to plug your garage door opener into.