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Garage Door Pricing in Houston, TX - YnsGarageDoor.com

Garage Door Pricing in Houston, TX - YnsGarageDoor.com

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Our Pricing Promise

We believe in transparent pricing with no hidden costs. The prices listed below include installation and a standard warranty.

Garage Door Categories and Prices

1. Standard Garage Doors

  • Single-Door Garage:
    • Basic Model: $699
    • Premium Model: $999
  • Double-Door Garage:
    • Basic Model: $1,199
    • Premium Model: $1,599

Note: Basic models include steel doors. Premium models feature enhanced insulation and design options.

2. Custom Garage Doors

Custom Design Starts at: $2,500

Includes personalized design consultations and a range of custom materials and finishes.

3. Smart Garage Doors

  • Standard Smart Door: $1,499
  • Advanced Smart Door: $2,099

Features: Remote access, security features, integration with home automation systems.

4. Garage Door Openers

  • Basic Opener: $250
  • Smart Opener: $450

Installation included. Smart openers are compatible with most smart home systems.

Additional Services

  • Annual Maintenance Package: $200/year
  • Emergency Repair Service: Starting at $150

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