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Garage Door Openers

There are two main components to a garage door opener, the motor type, and the drive type.

From Garage Door repair to complete Garage Door installation, our professionally-trained technicians respond quickly and courteously to all of your driveway needs. 

We can add an automatic Garage Door opener or FIX any existing Garage Door opener.

Garage Door Opener Motor Types and Models

There are two types of motors out there for garage door openers, AC and DC power. Garage door openers powered by an AC motor are typically louder, larger, and heavier since they require more components. Garage door openers powered by a DC motor offer the most power and are the smoothest running motors in the industry. They are quieter and lighter and allows more features on the opener like soft start and stop which reduces wear and tear on the door and motor.


Garage Door Opener Drive Types

The drive type is simply the way your garage door travels along with the guide when it opens and closes. The guide is the long rail that is attached above the center of your door which connects to your opener. Within this guide is a screw, chain, or belt, which moves the trolley along the guide to open and close your door.


Genie 1.25-HP RTP Smart Belt Drive Garage Door Opener with Wi-Fi Compatibility and Battery Back-Up

What Is A Belt Drive Garage Door Opener?

A belt drive garage door opener is super quiet.  Our belt drive opener models are some of the quietest garage door openers you can buy.

These openers are especially great for garages that are attached to the house. We’ve all heard what a noisy garage door opener sounds like, with a belt drive opener you’ll experience less sound and vibration when the opener is operating. 

A belt drive is typically available as an upgrade over a chain because the belt drive garage door opener is quiet because it’s belt-driven.  

The use of a chain in the chain drive opener and the use of a screw in a screw drive opener are noisier than the reinforced steel rubber belt that is used on the belt drive opener. 

The belt opener design allows smoother operation which reduces the overall noise level. Smoother operation means there’s no jumping off the door and fewer vibrations. Not only is it quieter, but the steel-reinforced rubber belt is very strong and durable.

Chamberlain 1.25-HP myQ Smart Belt Drive Garage Door Opener with MyQ and Wi-Fi Compatibility and Battery Back-Up

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