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Garage Door Repair Cost Estimate  Garage door repairs cost $251 on average, ranging from $150 and $352. This depends on the type and the problem. 

Minor fixes with inexpensive replacement parts may run under $100. Solving significant damage to a solid wood style could take up to $1,500.  

Garage doors provide one of the major entryways into your home. 

It’s essential to ensure that they are secure and repaired if necessary. Here are some of the most common factors that will affect the cost. 

On This Page: Garage Door Repair Cost Calculator Garage Door Repair Cost Panel Window Dents Garage Door Parts Spring Replacement Garage Door Cable Off Track Roller Replacement Sensor Replacement Bracket Repair Chain Repair Maintenance Garage Door Troubleshooting Guide DIY vs. Hiring a Professional FAQs Cost to Repair a Garage Door The cost to repair a garage door is $80 to $1,500, depending on the problem. If you have a complicated system or one that’s made of high-end materials, you can expect to pay more. Garage Door Panel Replacement Cost The cost to replace a garage door panel ranges from $150 to $1,000, not including labor.

You’ll pay an additional $200 to $500 for the service.

Panel replacement assumes the pro can find one to match what you have. In some cases, it may be more practical to pay the price to install a new garage door, which is $750 to $1,500.  Cost to Replace a Window in a Garage Door  Broken glass in the door: Glass is relatively inexpensive, so the major cost of this repair is the labor it takes to replace it. Figure on about an hour of labor for a garage door professional at about $75 to $150, with a cost of $15 to $50 for the glass itself.  

Garage Door Dent Repair Cost  Garage door dent repair costs $100 to $300 for manageable dents. 

This job works best for ones made of steel or aluminum.  Some materials can’t be repaired easily, like composite or wood. In these instances, you may need to replace the panel.  Cost to Fix Garage Door Parts  The cost to fix a garage door ranges from $80 to $400, depending on the broken part. In some cases, it makes more sense to replace the component than repair it.  

Part Price

Labor Included Springs (2) $30 – $200 $150 – $350 

Cable $15 – $50 $90 – $350 

Track $50 – $100 $125 – $400 

Roller $20 – $40 $90 – $190 

Sensor $35 – $50 $110 – $200 

Bracket $5 – $40 $80 – $160 

Chain $10 – $50 $85 – $350 

Spring Replacement  

The price to replace two garage door springs averages $150 to $350. 

This includes labor and materials. 

A spring repair is almost always a replacement.  

Garage Door Cable Repair Cost  The price to repair a garage door cable is $90 to $350, including $15 to $50 to replace the equipment.  

Cables allow you to open and close the door. If they wear out or snap, the system may run off the track.  

Garage Door Off Track Repair Cost  The cost to fix a garage door track ranges from $125 to $400. 

This includes $50 to $100 to replace it, if it’s dented or bent.  

Garage Door Roller Replacement Cost  Garage door roller replacement costs $90 to $190. 

This part runs $20 to $40 and allows the system to roll on the track. It can break or fall off if it hits the ground or a vehicle.  Garage Door Sensor Replacement Cost  Garage door sensor replacement costs $110 to $200, including $35 to $50 per unit.

This part tells the system control when it’s open or closed, or if there is an obstacle in the way.  

Garage Door Bracket Repair Cost  The cost to repair a garage door bracket or hinge is $80 to $160. 

This includes $5 to $10 per part.  Brackets and hinges hold the garage door together or reinforce it so it works with an automatic opener. If one breaks, you may need other repairs, as well.  

Garage Door Chain Repair Cost  Garage door chain repair costs $85 to $350, including $10 to $50 for a new chain. As a moving part, it can break down over time.  Garage Door Maintenance & Adjustment Costs  Garage door maintenance costs $100 to $200. 

You may want to schedule it once every two years, or more often if you use it several times a day.  

A typical service call will include a manual inspection of the door and opener. 

Then adjustments can be made including spring tension, chain/belt tension, limits and force adjustments and door lubrication. Fees for this service vary from place to place, but garage door repairs typically cost between $150 and $350.  Garage Door Repair Troubleshooting Guide  1. Door Will Not Open or Close  Fixing a stuck garage door costs $90 to $200. 

This usually indicates a problem with the sensor, roller or opener.  2. Door Movement Is Uneven  Uneven door movement costs $85 to $400 to repair. It usually means that there is a problem with the spring repairs or the track.  

Springs carry a lot of tension. 

This means that you can seriously injure yourself if you try to fix or replace them yourself.  3. Noises During Opening or Closing  Garage door track repair costs $125 to $400. If it squeals, screeches or grinds during operation, it may indicate a lack of lubricant or an accumulation of dirt or debris in the tracks.  4. 

Door Falls Very Quickly or Bounces  Garage door chain or cable repair costs $85 to $350. If it falls more quickly than it once did, or bounces around while in use, it is likely due to broken chains or cables.  

DIY Garage Door Repair vs. Hire a Pro Since a garage door can weigh up to 400 pounds and may fall down at any time when broken, repairing it isn’t usually a DIY job.

When you’re ready to call garage door repair services near you, remember to read reviews and get at least three quotes. FAQs How does the garage door style affect repair costs? The garage door style determines the most likely types of repairs: Carriage: Fewer components, may need replacement. Sectional: More parts to break down. One-Panel: Harder to access, may need to replace whole unit. How do garage door repair prices vary by material? If you need to repair the door itself, the type of material affects the price:

Wood: $200-$300

Steel or Aluminum: $150-$250

Composite or Fiberglass: $100-$200

Can you refinish a garage door? The ability to refinish a garage door depends on the material:

Steel or Aluminum: Repainting may be a reasonable DIY project.

Wood: If it’s solid wood, sanding and repainting may be possible.

Composite or Fiberglass: May be able to take paint, but ask a pro to be sure.

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