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Garage Door Repair


The springs on your garage door system are one of the most important parts needed to keep your door functioning properly. Springs are counterweights that provide the force needed to lift and lower the garage door. Unfortunately, all springs eventually break. In this post, we’ll tell you more about garage door spring repair costs. 


Types of Garage Door Spring Repairs

Broken Springs


There are a few ways to tell your door has a broken spring:

  1. The door is hard to raise
  2. The door makes a lot of noise as it operates
  3. If a spring breaks when it is fully loaded, twisted, or stretched it makes a loud bang
  4. There is a gap in the spring

Broken springs MUST BE REPLACED. Springs that have broken or completely lost tension cannot be repaired. Attempting use springs that have somehow been patched together is EXTREMELY DANGEROUS – DO NOT DO THIS.

When one spring breaks, we strongly recommend replacing all the springs at once. It’s likely that all of the springs were originally installed at the same time and in the same condition so if one spring breaks any others are sure to follow. Save time and money by replacing all the springs on the same take. 

Have a professional come out and inspect the rest of your garage door system, especially if the garage door has been noisy for quite some time. This is a good opportunity to look for additional damage to other parts of the garage door system. 

Tension Adjustments and Maintenance

Due to regular use, springs lose tension over time. This is normal but can eventually lead to a broken and unusable spring. A spring that begins to lose tension may not need to be replaced right away. Tensioning techniques depend on the type of spring you have. The two most common types of springs used on garage doors are torsion springs and extension springs↗. 

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Maintenance can also be considered a type of repair service particularly if the problem is a noisy door. This type of service includes lubricating or balancing the springs, installing safety cables, or making adjustments to any drums. 

The standard recommendation for garage spring repair or replacement is: LEAVE IT TO THE PROFESSIONALS. 

Garage Door Spring Repair Cost

The cost of repair services will vary from company to company. Some companies charge more but offer a higher quality installation some even backed by craftsmanship warranties. The best way to get a feel for fair pricing is to call around to a few local garage door repair specialists and ask for a bid. Make sure to call someone local because prices also vary from state to state. 

According to Spruce, nationally, garage spring replacement costs can range from about $200 to $400. Smaller repairs can cost between $75 to $350. Consider the cost of tools, parts, and time before you decide to DIY any repairs. If you are inexperienced in this type of work DO NOT ATTEMPT TO DO IT YOURSELF, CALL A PROFESSIONAL. 

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