Is Your Garage Door Spring Broken?

YNS Garage Service Pros is a highly trusted garage door spring service and diagnostics company. Torsion springs are by far the most important part of any garage door and consequently, they are the leading cause of most garage door repairs.

Fatigued or broken springs can even account for garage door opener issues, even though they may seem unrelated.

The sole purpose of the spring system is to counterbalance the entire weight of the garage door, and when done effectively, the door will appear fairly light and balanced.

Just remember, a garage door is basically a 200 pound (in some cases even more) steel barrier that rolls up and down vertically. Without the spring system providing a counterbalance, it becomes extremely difficult to lift without additional aids. Today, almost all garage door openers have security measures within them to recognize a broken spring on a garage door.

They recognize this issue through excessive weight, and they have protocols to stop operation until the springs are replaced. If the opener only raises the door 6-18 inches and then stops, chance are you have a fatigued spring at minimum, but more than likely one is broken.

While there are some DIY maintenance components that you may be equipped to deal with, when it comes to your garage door springs, they are not usually one of them. Let the professionals at YNS assist with your garage door spring repair. Garage door torsion springs have an extreme amount of tension, and if installed incorrectly, can cause severe damage to you and your garage. Having the knowledge, tools, and appropriate size spring(s) is essential for a safe, correct, long term broken spring repair. 

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Common Benefits & Drawbacks of Glass Garage Doors

Clear glass garage doors can no doubt be stunning with their design and overall features, but they sure come with certain drawbacks. Let’s check some of the common ones that most homeowners are susceptible to;


  • They Come With A Modern Outlook

First and foremost, glass garage doors are available with modern styling. Due to their unique aesthetics and top-of-the-line curb appeal, they are recommended by millions.

If you are looking for a quick way to revamp or customize your home without the need for a tedious framework, then it’s ideal to opt for these models. 

Besides that, they help to open up the garage space a bit so that you can incorporate a home gym, workstation, or equipment storage with extra ease.

  • Provides Adequate Lighting 

Generally speaking, a garage is a shady or opaque space complemented by a lack of illumination, especially during the evening. 

However, this complication can easily be eliminated by accompanying clear glass garage doors.

They are versatile unit that instantly passes out natural or artificial light so your interior can remain bright in the long run. If you want to maintain your garage privacy while still unaffecting radiance, then it’s best to buy glass garage doors for houses.

  • There Is No Need To Paint 

Another benefit of adopting a glass door setup is the lack of paint requirement. Unlike wooden doors, their maintenance is cost-effective and never requires staining. 

This is extremely useful for homeowners who want a bit of peace of mind.

Also, it’s worth noting that glass panels will remain tight and clean for most of the time, but they will need to be washed every month. 

That’s why it is better to invest in a quality glass cleaner and a soft cloth or a sponge.

  • Durable Construction 

If you thought that only aluminum doors are sturdy enough to withstand wear and tear in the long run, you might be completely wrong. The majority of glass garage doors for houses are ergonomically built, meaning they won’t shatter away that easily.

This added reliance will get you the desired results within no time. Even some of the newer models are made from bullet-proof standards, so if you want that extra bit of security and have the budget, you can rightfully opt for them.


  • They Are Limited In Terms Of Insulation 

One of the major drawbacks associated with glass doors is that they lack proper insulation. Due to this reason, they aren’t preferred in regions where temperature fluctuations are reasonable. 

Even some of the newer models have achieved prominent insulation ratings, but they still are not large enough to compete with that of steel or composite.

Of course, you could opt for double pane glass panels, but that is just expensive.

  • Associated With High-Cost

The maintenance cost of a glass garage door might be a bit low, but not their overall price. 

If you want to avail high-grade tempered glass panels, then you might have to pay a price premium.

Besides that, a lack of frame, tainted or mirrored exterior will further bring the cost up. That’s why getting them is not suitable for tight-budget homeowners.

  • Security Issues 

No doubt, clear glass garage doors offer a splendid view which greatly brightens the interior, but it does that at the cost of overall security.

 Unlike aluminum and composite doors, there are always security risks involved with glass garage doors. 

Thus, there is a chance that intruders can easily surpass it and enter your home.

It might not be a deal-breaker for most of the part, but if you are currently living in an unsafe neighborhood, you definitely want to consider it.

Bottom Line

So, this concludes our brief outlook on the common pros and cons of glass garage doors. At the end of the day, it could be said that glass doors also have associated advantages and drawbacks, just like any other thing. 

It depends on the homeowner, how they perceive it.

For those who want added durability, aesthetics, and enhanced illumination, getting these front door panels is a deal-breaker. In contrast to that, if you consider cost or security, it might be ideal to consider aluminum or other options.

Cons Of Glass Garage Doors

Many Pros and Cons of Glass Garage Doors

There are several reasons that your garage door may not work properly.

Broken Garage Door Springs Damaged or Squeaky Rollers Damaged or Bent Panels Broken Cables Broken Hinges Bottom Seal Replacement
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Cons Of Glass Garage Doors

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