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Garage Door Weather Seals

Garage Door Weather Seals

Garage Door Weather Seals

Garage door seals are also known as weather stripping and astral. Seals are found around all four edges of the garage door.

The purpose of a weather seal is to keep insects and critters out of the garage while also keeping moisture and cold air from seeping through the cracks around the garage door.

By weatherproofing your garage door, you can save on your energy bill and stay warmer through the winter.

When the garage door is closed, the sections of the door are intended to be flush against the frame of the garage. This is not, however, usually the case.

the flap of this type of seal will press against the outside of the garage door, closing the gap between the door and the garage frame

The clip portion of this seal attaches to a piece of angle iron. Then, the flap, like the PVC Stop Molding, closes the gap between the garage door and the garage frame. There are also some types of seals for the top of the garage door that install to the top of the top section. When the garage door closes, the Flap Top Seal closes against the garage frame.





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