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It’s recommended to have your garage door serviced annually to ensure it’s operating safely and efficiently.

Signs include difficulty opening or closing the door, a loud noise during operation, or visible wear and tear on the springs.

Minor adjustments might be manageable, but repairs involving electrical components or the lifting mechanism should be handled by professionals.

Stop using the door to avoid further damage and contact a professional for repair. Operating a door off its track can be dangerous.

 Most installations are completed within a day, though custom doors or complex setups may require more time.

 If you notice unusual noises, slow response times, or if the door doesn’t operate smoothly, it might be time for maintenance.

 Yes, professionals typically service all major brands and models of garage doors and openers.

The duration of a repair can vary depending on the complexity of the issue. Minor repairs, such as replacing springs or cables, can often be completed within an hour. More complex repairs, such as fixing damage to the door itself or addressing motor issues, might take a few hours. We strive to complete most repairs in one visit, assuming all necessary parts are on hand.

The lead time for new garage door installations can vary based on the door model and customization options chosen. Standard models are typically installed within a week, while custom doors may take 3-6 weeks from order to installation. We will provide a more accurate timeline based on your specific selection and availability.

 Yes, we offer scheduled maintenance checks to fit your convenience. It’s best to call ahead and book a time that suits your schedule. We recommend early booking, especially during peak seasons, to ensure your preferred time slot.

We understand the urgency of emergency repairs and offer same-day service for calls received before noon in most cases. For calls received later in the day, we strive to provide service within 24 hours. Our goal is to ensure your garage door is functioning safely and efficiently as soon as possible.

While garage doors can be serviced any time of year, spring and fall are ideal for maintenance checks to prepare for the extreme weather of summer and winter. However, if you notice any issues with your garage door, it’s best not to wait and to schedule a service as soon as possible to avoid potential safety hazards or further damage.