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Garage Door Cable Replacement & Spring Repair Services in Houston, TX | YNS Garage Door

Garage Door Cable Replacement & Spring Repair in Houston, TX

(832) 965-0080

Garage Door Cable Replacement

Our experienced technicians provide reliable cable replacement services to ensure your garage door operates smoothly and safely. Whether it’s worn-out cables or immediate repairs, we’ve got you covered.

Spring Repair: Torsion & Extension

Specializing in both torsion and extension spring repairs, our team ensures optimal balance and functionality of your garage door, enhancing longevity and safety.

Spring Adjustment Services

Correct spring adjustment is crucial for the efficient operation of your garage door. Our experts fine-tune spring tension for smooth and reliable door movement.

Garage Door System Conversion

Upgrade your garage door system with our conversion services. Whether it’s switching from extension to torsion springs or integrating advanced features, we provide comprehensive solutions.

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